Tri-Pro Ball Valve

Design Features

  • Fire Safe Certifi ed to API 607 7th Edition
  • ISO 5211 Actuator Mounting Pad
  • Secondary media containment (available)
  • Anti-static grounding device
  • Weld-in-Place, SW / BW
  • Protected seat design
  • Two fully contained body seals
  • Cap screw body assembly
  • Cryogenic service (available)
  • V-Port control (available)
  • Metal seats (available)


  • Ability to handle extreme pressure and temperature shock
  • Ability to withstand higher pressure drop
  • Ability to handle slurries and resist abrasion and wear
  • Bubble tight sealing to 550°F
  • Bubble tight sealing to 2250 psi / 3000 psi
  • Ability to handle thermal fluids and super heated steam
  • Superior stem seal design

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Ports: Full Port: HPF Series, Reduced Port: HPS Series

Body Style: Three-Piece

Size Range: 1/4″– 4″

Temperature Range: -20°F – 575°F : If your temperature exceeds 500°F, consult Apex

Pressure Ratings: 1/4″ – 3/4″ 3000 WOG, 1″ – 4″ 2250 WOG

End Connections: Threaded, Socket Weld, Butt Weld, Flanged ANSI 600

Body Materials: 316 Stainless Steel, WCB Carbon Steel, Alloy 20, 316L SL

Seat Materials: TFM, Graphite

Applications: High performance fire safe valve applications

Flo-Tite’s Standard Part Numbers:

  • HPF51-SS-1-FGG-L (Full-Port SS NPT)
  • HPF52-SS-2-FGG-L (Full-Port SS SW)
  • HPF53-SS-3-FGG-L (Full-Port SS BW)
  • HPF56-SS-6-FGG-L (Full-Port SS Flanged)
  • HPF41-CS-1-FGG-L (Full-Port CS NPT)
  • HPF42-CS-2-FGG-L (Full-Port CS SW)
  • HPF43-CS-3-FGG-L (Full-Port CS BW)
  • HPF46-CS-6-FGG-L (Full-Port CS Flanged)
  • HPS51-SS-1-FGG-L (Reduced-Port SS NPT)
  • HPS52-SS-2-FGG-L (Reduced-Port SS SW)
  • HPS53-SS-3-FGG-L (Reduced-Port SS BW)
  • HPS41-CS-1-FGG-L (Reduced-Port CS NPT)
  • HPS42-CS-2-FGG-L (Reduced-Port CS SW)
  • HPS43-CS-3-FGG-L (Reduced-Port CS BW)

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