TD600 – Non-Repairable Steam Traps

DRIP, TRACING: The TD600 Non-Repairable Steam Traps are commonly used as a drip trap on steam mains and steam supply lines. Ideal for outdoor applications that are subject to freezing and for super heated steam conditions.

The TD600L is Reduced Size Discharge Orifice holes which are preferable in terms of performance, longevity, and efficiency; particularly on pressure over 150 PSI

The TD600 does not have a strainer. (The TD600S models come with a strainer.)


ModelSizeTypeOptionsBody MaterialMax PMO (PSIG)Max Capacity @ Max PMO (lbs/hr)
TD600L-12-N1/2"NPTLStainless Steel6001290
TD600L-13-N3/4"NPTLStainless Steel6002060
TD600-11-N3/8"NPTStainless Steel6001290
TD600-12-N1/2"NPTStainless Steel6002060
TD600-13-N3/4"NPTStainless Steel6003140
TD600-14-N1"NPTStainless Steel6004840

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The TD600 Non-Repairable Steam Traps are simple and compact with a single moving part (disc) which opens to discharge condensate and closes in the presence of steam. Body materials available are Stainless and Alloy Steels for pressures up to 3,600 psig. Widely used on higher pressure drip applications and critical tracing applications (where condensate back-up is not permitted).

  • Rugged design and excellent for use with superheated steam
  • Operation is easy to check due to distinct cyclic operation
  • Single model operates over a wide pressure range in contrast to mechanical traps
  • Self-draining when mounted vertically to prevent freezing

TD600 Non-Repairable Steam Traps are normally not recommended on process applications. This is because of their limited ability to purge air from the steam system which is required during start-up.