TC85 High Temperature Thermocouple Sensor


  • Blast furnaces, cowper stoves
  • Annealing and heat treatment processes
  • Refuse, biomass, hazardous waste incineration
  • Industrial heating installations, heat generation, power engineering, reactors
  • Glass, porcelain, ceramics industry, cement and brick production

Special features

  • Thermocouple temperature ranges are dependent on element calibration.
  • Manufactured from the finest high purity, high temperature ceramics and metals.
  • Sensor insulator diameters are 0.125 inch & 0.188 inch and 3 mm & 4.8 mm.
  • Pure ceramic insulators are used in conjunction with noble metal thermocouples. These provide greater resistance against contamination and premature degradation.
  • Terminations include stripped leads, standard plugs and copper sleeves.
  • Termination accessories include wire clamp or compression adapters.
  • Copper alloy extension cable with matching millivolt (mV) output to the noble metal is available. Insulation for this extension cable is fibreglass, PTFE, or fish spine ceramic insulators.
  • Din style and collar transitions for mounting are available.



TC85 series thermocouples are alumina ceramic insulated sensors for use in extreme high temperature applications. The high purity ceramic insulator is designed with continuous multiple holes which houses the noble metal thermocouple wire. A variety of mounting and termination styles are available.