T-45 Economy Ball Valve

Design Features

  • Economical Compact Design
  • Ideal for gauge or drain
  • Rugged one-piece body to minimize the number of potential leak paths through the body joint
  • Blowout-proof Stem
  • Stem is bottom loaded to prevent removal during operation
  • Corrosion Resistant all 316 SS for superior chemical resistance
  • Investment cast improves dimensional control and reduces porosity
  • Safety-locking handle
  • Adjustable stem packing
  • Low-operating torque


  • Carbon steel body
  • Reverse-acting handle
  • Butterfly handle
  • Oval Handle

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Ports: Reduced Port

Body Style: One-Piece

Size Range: 1/4″– 2″

Temperature Range: Consult Apex

Pressure Ratings: 1000 WOG

End Connections: Threaded

Body Materials: ASTM A351 CF8M

Seat Materials: PTFE

Applications: Designed for the economical OEM and Industrial Markets

Flo-Tite’s Standard Part Numbers:

  • T45-SS-TTT-L

T-45 Economy Ball Valve Downloads: