SVI Safety Valves

The SVI Safety Valves are used for over-pressure protection on unfired pressure vessels in saturated steam systems. Valves are 100% factory tested and made in the USA.
  • Stainless Steel wetted trim nozzle & disc
  • Metal to metal seating, lapped to optimum flatness
  • Tapped body drain allows piping of condensate away from valve to protect the internals from fouling
  • Two control rings assure maximum performance and adjustability

Catalog Spec Sheet (pdf)
I&M (pdf)


How SVI Safety Valves Work

In the event steam pressure increases to the set point, the safety valve will “pop open” discharging steam faster than it can be produced. This allows system pressure to return to safe levels at which point the valve will close.


  • Ratings are 90% of actual capacity.
  • For Set Pressures over 250 PSIG, Consult factory
  • For other sized, consult factory
  • ASME Section I – Steam Boilers – pounds of saturated steam per hour @ 3% or 2 PSIG accumulation (whichever is greater)
  • ASME Section VIII – Pressure Vessels – pounds of saturated steam per hour @ 10 % or 3 PSIG accumulation (whichever is greater)


Safety valves shall be high capacity design with cast iron construction featuring rust-proof stainless steel stems, springs, washers and metal-to-metal lapped seats. Units shall be qualified to the ASME Boiler Code Section VIII and suitable for steam service.