Static Dewatering Sieves

CROSS-FLO Static Dewatering Sieves

Removes solids from waste streams at ultra-high rates

Dewatering sieves play a vital role in managing wastewater and keeping solids out of other stages of processing. These solids can cause damage to equipment and pipes, leading to costly delays. Kason Corporation’s CROSS-FLO dewatering sieves have been utilized by a diverse range of brewing, food, chemical, and industrial businesses and others to provide solutions to these application problems.

CROSS-FLO Static Dewatering Sieves & Separators

The CROSS-FLO Dewatering Sieve can effectively screen and remove a wide range of abrasive solids such as sand, plastics, bark, foundry slag, spent distillers grain, and glass from wastewater. Our screens take advantage of the “Coanda” effect to remove solids from liquids while enhancing the overall drain rates.

Each unit is fitted with a stainless steel profile wire screen and an adjustable screening deck, which offers outstanding performance in challenging applications such as handling caustic solutions and wastewater.

Some of the key features of our CROSS-FLO dewatering sieves include:

  • no moving parts, which helps to reduce the time spent on maintenance
  • outstanding corrosion and abrasion resistance properties
  • free-standing design ideal for factories with limited floor space
  • manually adjustable decks
  • zero energy consumption
  • compliance with all US and international health, safety, and sanitary standards

CROSS-FLO dewatering sieves are manufactured in standard widths from 24 to 72 inches. We produce two-deck models and can also customize each unit’s size to meet different flow and space requirements.

Product Information

Kason’s CROSS-FLO Static Dewatering Sieves continuously remove solid materials from wastewater streams at ultra-high rates using zero energy. The screening deck is fitted with stainless steel profile wire screen having slots oriented perpendicular to the flow of material, accelerating fluid through the screen in accordance with the “Coanda” effect. The deck is adjustable to maximize dewatering rates and is offered in widths from 2′ to 6′ (610mm to 1830mm) in 1′ (305mm) increments. Two-deck models separate two sizes of solids.


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