Series SCD-8 Multi-Loop DIN Rail Mount Temperature Controller

Up to 8 Control Loops, Optional Display

The Series SCD-8 Multi-Loop DIN Rail Mount Temperature Controller can be used to control up to 8 independent PID control circuits. The base unit comes standard with 4 thermocouple or 3 RTD input channels. Additional input cards can be purchased if needed, but the additional inputs must be of the same type as the inputs that came with the base unit. If more than 8 loops are required or to mix input types, SCD-2000 slave modules can be added without wiring additional power or communications cables.

Each loop can be programmed either through the standard RS-485 serial communications or an optional plug in LED display module. Each control loop will have two outputs and a single input. The outputs can be configured for dual loop control or for a control loop and an alarm. One of the two outputs for each control loop must be a relay or pulsed voltage output.