Sentinel Series Ball Valve

Design Features

  • Precise contouring of the V-notch provides excellent control characteristics for an extensive variety of flow applications. An ideal control performance is designed into the geometry of thte ball for cristical management of flow. A locked ball-to-shaft connection ensures no lsot motion during critical control
  • Splined connection between the shaft and ball ensures precise control and low hysteresis
  • Streamlined flow passage provides maximum efficiency and minimizes erosion inside the valve body
  • Detachable seat retainer design provides easy access to trim parts of the valves through inlet of valve by simply removing the screws of retainer allowing for easy maintenance. Repair kits are available for all valve designs
  • Superior trunnion bearing technology is engineered for eexcellent abrasion resistance
  • Rugged self-adjusting metal seated option is ideally suited for higher temperature applications or slurries. Spring loaded seat maintains constant contact with the ball, providing enhanced sealing performance
  • Shearing action between ball and seat promotes smooth, non-clossing operation – perfect for fiberous or slurry applications
  • Optional “Chem-Tek” is a special material impregnated directly into all valve wetted surfaces that helps prevent the build-up of scale commonly found in green liquor and other severe applications



Ports: Reduced Port

Body Style: One-Piece

Size Range: 1″– 24″

Temperature Range: -20°F – 842°F

Pressure Ratings: Flanged End: 150#, 300#, 600# – Wafer Type: 150#, 300#

End Connections: Flanged and Wafer

Body Materials: Stainless and Carbon Steel: 304, 317, 2205, Duplex

Seat Materials: PTFE, Devlon, SS304, SS316, Hard Chrome Plating or Stellite Surfaces

Applications: Ideal valve for severe service applications where precise control is required. Ideal for clean or dity liquids, gases, and fibrous suspension applications

Flo-Tite’s Standard Part Numbers:

  • RV-F1-01-SS-50-SL-A-DO-R-V-N (150# SS soft seat)
  • RV-F1-01-SS-51-S7-B-56-R-V-N (150# SS metal seat)
  • RV-F1-01-CS-50-SL-A-DO-R-V-N (150# CS soft seat)
  • RV-F1-01-CS-51-S7-B-56-R-V-N (150# CS metal seat)
  • RV-F1-03-SS-50-SL-A-DO-R-V-N (300# SS soft seat)
  • RV-F1-03-SS-51-S7-B-56-R-V-N (300# SS metal seat)
  • RV-F1-03-CS-50-SL-A-DO-R-V-N (300# CS soft seat)
  • RV-F1-03-CS-51-S7-B-56-R-V-N (300# CS metal seat)

Sentinel Series Ball Valve Downloads: