SE58 Electromagnetic Inductive Flow Sensor Transmitter

The Type SE58 transmitter (in S, M or L variant) associated with the electromagnetic flow sensor (in compact or remote variant) Type S051, Type S054, Type S055 or Type S056 is designed for applications with a minimum conductivity of 5 μS/cm. The variant S of the transmitter Type SE58 can only be used to build a compact variant of a flowmeter version, with or without display. It is characterised by a housing with small external ­dimensions. The variant without display has a housing and a cover in black painted aluminium or stainless steel. The variant with display has a black painted aluminium or stainless steel housing and a plastic cover. The display is integrated in the cover. Flow rate and totalizer values are displayed simultaneously, as well as symbols for device status and alarms The flow rate measurement can be transferred via a digital or an ­analogue output. The ­achievable uncertainty is 0.5 % of the measured value. The device cannot be extended with the addition of input/output signals and functionalities such as dosing. The variants M and L of the transmitter Type SE58, with painted aluminium, plastic or stainless steel housings, are available to build a compact or remote variant of a flowmeter, with or without display. The device can be extended with the addition of input/output signals and functionalities such as dosing (only Type SE58 L) and data logger. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) comprising the display and the operating keys allows choosing flexible data presentations, carrying out complete settings and configuring the device. The L variant is characterized by superior performance as shown by the low uncertainty of 0.2 % of the measured value compared to 0.4 % (option) and 0.8 % with the M variant.


  • Must be combined with sensor Type S051, Type S054, Type S055, or Type S056
  • Continuous measurement, high accuracy
  • Different housing shapes and materials available
  • Compact and remote design selectable, available with or without display