Sanitary Tank Vent

Sanitary Solutions is your Beverage, Brewery, Winery and Tank Industry source for a T304 Tank Vent or Relief Valve.

So what is a tank vent or tank relief valve and how does it work? The Sanitary Solutions Tank Vent or Relief Valve works in the following way– From the Vacuum side, when the valve is normally closed and there is vacuum in the tank, the vacuum piston inside the valve opens automatically and draws air into the tank. In return, this keeps the pressure inside and outside the tank balanced. From the Pressure side, when the valve is normally closed and the tank pressure exceeds the rated pressure which on the outside of the valve, the valve automatically opens and vents air to atmosphere.

Where do I position and install this valve? As for installation of the clamp style Tank Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valve, position the valve on the process line and tighten the nut or fasten the clamp according to the fastening system selected and if you are using the clamp style it is recommended to use a clamp gasket and tighten the wing nut of the Heavy Duty Single Pin Clamp to 25 inch pounds of torque.

What are the settings on the tank vent valve and can I set this valve? The calibration range is as follows and is preset at the factory:

Pressure: 1 PSI Vacuum: 0.09 PSI

Springs : T304

Seals: EPDM Bushing: POM


Product Specifications

  • Alloy: T304
  • Sizes: 2.00″ & 3.00″ (In Stock)
  • Finish: Polish ID/OD