Royal Receiver Pressure Gauges

Receiver gauges are used with a transmitter (transducer) to translate distant point air signals into units of pressure, temperature, liquid level or flow. Outer scale marked with equal increments of transmitted signal, inner scale graduated with units of specific measured variable (i.e.: square root, %).


  • Movement: All 300 series stainless steel
  • Pointer: Geared micrometer adjustable, balanced
  • Dial: White enameled aluminum with black graduations and numerals 270° Arc
  • Dial Sizes: 4-1/2˝
  • Thread Size: 1 /4 male NPT; 1/2 male NPT
  • Connection Location: Lower (Bottom), Back (Rear)
  • Case: Standard with style #2 case; Polypropylene safety case (solid front, blow-out back) suitable for surface or direct mounting (standard)
  • Bourdon Tube: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Socket: 316 Stainless Steel