Rotonivo RN 3005 Rotary Paddle Level Switch

For Use:

  • Point-Level Measurement
  • Solids
  • Bulk Weight > 15 g/l (> 0.9 lbs/ft3)

Application area

The rotating paddle detector Rotonivo® RN 3005 is used as a full detector in tank and container loading bellows for all bulk materials. Buildup or a dust-intensive process environment does not in any way affect the accuracy of the measurement results of the level indicator. Due to its compact design, it can be installed in a space-saving manner in the loading sets.

Your benefit:

  • Simple, reliable and maintenance-free limit switch in loading bellows
  • Works in almost all bulk materials
  • Plug and play level limit switch without calibration


Measurement Principle:

  • Rotary Paddle

Measuring Task:

  • Point Level Measurement


  • Extra Short Version with VT-Paddle


  • Solids

Mounting Position:

  • In Loading Bellow