Rodless Cylinders with Integrated Guides

Series S is the original Univer cylinder, and provides the most versatile range for solving the problems of automation and positioning control. Rodless cylinders are available with both single chambers and integrated guides (Series S5).


  • Working Pressure: 44 – 145 PSI
  • Ambient Temperature: 4 – 176°F
  • Fluid: Filtered Air
  • Barrel: Aluminum extrusion
  • End-Caps: Aluminum die-cast
  • Piston-Carriage: Aluminum extrusion with rubber seals
  • Seal System: Elastomer internal strip, thermoplastic external strip
  • Strip Reinforcement: Kevlar
  • Magnetic Version: Series DH


  • Model: S5
  • Rodless Cylinders Ø 25-50mm Integrated Guides, Technopolimer Bearings
  • Working Pressure: 44-145 psi
  • Ambient Temperature: 4-176°F
  • Fluid: Filtered air