Q-Ball Flameless Venting for Elevators


Flameless Venting for Elevators

The Q-Ball E guarantees safe relief of a combustible dust explosion. Efficient cooling inside the Q-Ball E prevents the flames from escaping and minimizes the effects of the explosion pressure to an insignificant level.

The Q-Ball E is suitable for flameless venting of mechanical conveyors and can handle explosions with Kst values up to 200 bar × m/s.

The Q-Ball E is available in multiple sizes to match many  standard conveyors and elevators. Additionally, the low weight of the Q-Ball E reduces the need to reinforce the elevator supports. These features make installation simpler and quicker.

Your advantages

  • Maximum venting efficiency through a full body flameless venting.
  • Easy maintenance through an integrated inspection opening.
  • Integrated signaling unit for reliable monitoring.
  • Can be utilized indoors or outdoors.
  • Simple retrofitting of existing explosion vent installations.