Pro-Tector Metal Detector

Pro-Tector systems combine the excellent ferrous separation performance of a magnet with the non-ferrous and stainless detection of a metal detector all in one compact unit. Utilizing this combination system, users are able to achieve higher separation performance while reducing the amount of product loss with metal detection alone. It combines a magnetic separator with a metal detector in one compact unit. The Pro-Tector assures the quick, easy removal of metals from the product stream and accommodates tight spaces commonly found in production facilities. The Pro-Tector is available for gravity, liquid, and pneumatic conveying systems.

  • Provides superior defense against ferrous and non-ferrous metal contamination
  • Combines the simplicity of a drawer magnet with the reliability of a metal detector
  • Hygienic construction
  • Easy to use
  • Increased metal protection, removing all ferrous contamination
  • Reduce wasted material due to removal of ferrous contamination
  • Compact, space-saving all-in-one design


How the Pro-Tector Metal Detector Works:

Designed for use in gravity-feed pipes to monitor for metal contaminants in continuous-flowing granules or powders such as sugar, flour, corn meal, or spices, the Pro-Tector’s integrated drawer magnet provides maximum magnetic separation of contaminants. Product first flows through the drawer magnet, which is located at the top of the unit, and then ferrous-free product continues through a gravity-feed metal detector.

The Pro-Tector’s integrated drawer magnet employs twin layers of rare-earth magnetic tubes to provide maximum magnetic separation of metal contaminants, and its quick-clean feature allows the operator to clean the unit in under ten seconds.

Extremely reliable and easy to use, the Pro-Tector’s integrated metal detector features a straightforward operating system that quickly guides the user through set-up and operation.


USDA certified drawer magnet available

  • SHARKNET® software
    • Monitor real-time inspection results and actively manage product inspection equipment from a central computer
    • Enables automatic downloading of data documentation to a Windows-based PC
    • Support required compliance with: HACCP-SQF 2000-BRC-GMP-IFS5-FSSC 22000/PAS 220
    • Remote maintenance capability by operators and Cassel technicians
    • All data is stored in an SQL database for easy export or integration if needed
  • Pro-Tector for Liquid Systems
  • Pro-Tector for Pneumatic Systems
    • For more information on this system contact MPI