OMV Multicoil Thermal Oil Heaters

Serpentine boilers are a reliable alternative to traditional steam generator sets in numerous industrial applications. A wide range of capacities, and unparalleled thermal stability when operating in high-temperature conditions make OMV series oil boilers the best choice for enterprises of various sizes and technological cycles.

OMV boilers are thermal oil heaters, in horizontal or vertical design structures, consisting of a multitubular coil installed in a cylindrical shell, complete with all the necessary control and safety devices.

Available in a range of sizes from 0.2 – 5,8 MW of thermal capacity, with a design pressure of 10 barg and a design temperature of 350°C.

Excellent and uniform heat transfer for OMV oil boilers is ensured by the unique tube bending equipment used to manufacture the coils in our facility, explicitly designed for Cannon Bono Energia. Spirals are paired as close as possible, with no narrowing or deformation of the pipe along the entire length.

The OMV series has high thermal efficiency due to its 3-pass design. Thermal oil preservation is possible due to reduced tube sizes inside the radiant section, which increases thermal oil speed in the most critical areas of the heater, while a low pressure job is attained via the parallel flow of the oil inside the coil. The boilers include a combustion air preheater installed on a flue gas outlet, which guarantees an increase in thermal efficiency up to 92%

The furnace is located along the axis of the internal coil. In the standard version, the burner is installed on top. If necessary, OMV boilers can be manufactured in a horizontal version. The furnace dimensions are maximized to ensure more efficient combustion of fuel and to reduce NOx emissions. The full structure is placed in a cylindrical case with a large heat-insulating layer of dense mineral wool.

OMV series boilers are manufactured and certified according to the European Directive PED (other design codes and certifications can be applied including ASME, RTN, SELO, etc.).


  • Compact design suitable for placement in limited space.
  • Easy access through upper cover for inspection and cleaning of the combustion chamber and internal pipes.
  • A wide range of models from 0.2 to 5.8 MW guarantees the right size for each specific application.
  • Designed and manufactured according to the most important international standards including CE-PED, ASME, RTN, SELO.
  • Low NOx emissions: less than 80 mg/m3 due to an optimized combination with any market burner (according to BAT).
  • Combustion system suitable for different fuels.
  • Possibility to increase efficiency by installing an air preheater.
  • Intelligent system for monitoring operating parameters and boiler control, with the ability to seamlessly integrate with the automated system for the production lines.
  • High thermal efficiency and uniform heat transfer due to its multicoil design and large-volume combustion chamber.
  • The slight difference between the bulk and film temperature of diathermic oil prevents cracking and thermal degradation, increasing operating life.

Key Features:

  • Thermal Capacity: 0.2 – 5.8 MW
  • NOx Emissions: 80 mg/Nm3 (lower valves on request)
  • Temperature: Up to 662°F
  • Efficiency: Up to 92%