NQZ Pneumatic Cylinders with Digital Measuring Detector

The pneumatic cylinders with digital measuring of the position derive the respective fluid axes with numerical control. They are particularly suitable for control of the locking position, anti-collision control for critical sequence cycles, and level control relating to the palletization and/or depalletization of objects places one onto the other.


  • Operating Pressure: 29 – 145 PSI
  • Ambient Temperature: 14 – 158°F
  • Fluid: Filtered Air 30µm
  • Bore Size: 032-040-050-063mm
  • Barrel: Extruded aluminum alloy
  • Piston Rod: Chromium-plated steel
  • Max Speed: 0.2m/s (detector), 0.8m/s (actuator)
  • Power Supply: 5vDC
  • Limit Frequency: 60Khz


  • Model: NQZ
  • Pneumatic Cylinders Ø 32-63mm Digital Measuring Detector
  • Operating Pressure: 29-145 psi
  • Ambient Temperature: 14-158°F
  • Fluid: Filtered Air 30µm