NivoTec NT 3500 Inventory Monitoring

For Use:

  • Visualization

Application area

The NivoTec® NT 3500 level visualization system is designed for monitoring level control and level limit measurement of silo, tank and process vessels via a web server system. The NivoTec® NT 3500 simplifies dispatching, transmits levels to PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, connects locations and creates interfaces to ERP systems. It can flexibly connect and evaluate old and new plants. The plant size is not limited.

Your benefit:

  • Autonomous system without expensive licenses. Access via standard browser software
  • Transmits levels into the Ethernet, makes them transparent and evaluable
  • System can be flexibly adapted to delete ‘the’ plant and to customer requirements


Measurement Principle:

  • Inventory Monitoring

Measuring Task:

  • Visualization


  • 4-20mA Active
  • 4-20mA Passive
  • Modbus RTU (NB 3000/ NB 4000)
  • Counting Pulse

Limit Level Switches:

  • Without
  • Full Detector 24 VDC
  • Full and Empty Detector 24 VAC
  • Full Detector 230 VAC
  • Full and Empty Detector 230 VAC

Alarm Full Silo:

  • With
  • Without