MS02 Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Cube

This sensor cube measures the free acting chlorine or chlorine dioxide in the water, depending on the variant. The sensor cube is designed for operation on the fluidic backplane in the device Type 8905 Online Analysis System. The sensor cube contains a high precision membrane covered amperiometric sensor, based on Bürkert MEMS technology (micro electro-mechanical system). The measurement shows the Cl2 or ClO2 content in the sample water. The chlorine sensor cube measures either the available chlorine HOCl or, if an MS01 pH sensor cube is connected for pH compensation, the free chlorine. The electrical and fluidic connections are made via the backplane of the system. The sensor cube communicates with the system via the digital büS interface, allowing fully automatic login to the online analysis system. If the sensor is plugged into the system, it automatically logs on to the büS and can be parameterised according to customer requirements. As a supplement to the standard sensor, there is a variant with an external KCl reference electrode. This sensor is recommended for changing chlorine concentrations and generally unsteady process conditions.


  • Fully compatible with büS systems and a wide range of further analysis sensor cubes
  • Optional pH compensated chlorine measurement
  • Hot swap compatible for exchanging the sensor cube during operation
  • Minimal sample water consumption
  • MEMS technology sensor