Mobile Vacuum Conveying Systems


VAC-U-MAX mobile conveyors are furnished with lift frames to accommodate varying discharge heights. Units are easily rolled to and positioned at the desired discharge point. Material can be drawn from a container, a feedbin or a pickup adapter under a bin or process vessel.

VAC-U-MAX Mobile Vacuum Conveying System will convey up to up to 5000 pounds per hour of powders and granules. System is complete with Rolling Frame that can lift the vacuum receiver to a height of at least 91” at the discharge point, Vacuum receiver with replaceable inlet assembly, easy access filter with pulse filter cleaning and full opening discharge valve. Vacuum power sources include Venturi Power Package, Regenerative Blower Package or Positive Displacement Vacuum Pump Package. Mounted on the rolling frame is a control panel to handle the convey, discharge and filter clean functions of the system. USDA Accepted Design.


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