MFT MFTS Float Bimetallic Steam Traps

  • Positive closing and condensate drainage: The bimetallic element is a function of the saturated steam curve and its sensitivity to the temperature change assures an immediate reaction to both steam and condensate for the entire pressure range. At saturated steam temperature the valve is closed as on a standard bimetallic steam trap, however, in this type any condensate build-up even at saturated steam temperature is discharged at the same rate. As it reaches the trap, the float becomes buoyant and opens the valve mechanically.
  • Stainless Steel Float & Trim.
  • Simple Installation: Multiple inlet and outlet connections facilitate installation.
  • Integral strainer: Stainless steel screens are integral to protect the trap operating mechanism from damage by dirt or scale. No extra fittings or installation costs are required. Free strainer area minimum 5 to 1. Perforation is 0.031” (0.8 mm).
  • Integral check valve operation: The main valve acts as a check valve preventing back flow.
  • Stainless steel pivots: Ensure adequate protection against wear.
  • Seat CoCr alloy hardfaced to increase resistance to the high degree of wear through velocity of flow, dirt and scale.
  • Guaranteed against water hammer: The downstream valve acts as a release valve on the excess water pressure without damage to internal parts.
  • Freezeproof installation without insulation – complete drainage when cold.
  • Other options include: NPT blowdown plug, strainer blowdown valve and Piping King Units.


Size Range(s)

  • NPS 1/2 – 2
  • (DN 15 – 50)

Pressure Rating

  • ASME Class up to 150 PMO up to 300 PSI

Standard Connections

  • Butt Weld, Socket Weld, Flanged