ME63 Industrial Ethernet Gateway IP65 IP67 IP69k

The Industrial Ethernet gateway Type ME63 is the central control unit for Bürkert products (valves, sensors, process control systems), which is based on EDIP (Efficient Device Integration Platform) and used in processes requiring a high degree of protection. Type ME63 consists of a fieldbus gateway which transmits the internal CANopen-based communication of the Bürkert field devices to all common industry standards for Industrial Ethernet. With the help of eight M12 ports, CANopen-based Bürkert field devices can be connected directly to the gateway Type ME63. The power supply of the field devices can be provided either by an M12 L-Power (up to 32A) or an A-coded M12 connector (up to 4A). One of these additional participants can be either Type ME64 (I/O module) or a passive junction box (included as an accessory part with this data sheet). The passive junction box is intended to simply integrate further participants into the proprietary bus system of the gateway Type ME63. The power supply via the M12 L-Power input can supply further field devices located close to the process via the second M12 L-Power output. Also integrated is an Ethernet switch which allows the direct integration of further field devices located close to the process in the Ethernet communication.


  • Gateway for Industrial Ethernet standards, incl. OPC UA, for use in environments requiring a high degree of protection
  • Up to 128 input and 128 output variables can be transmitted
  • “Batch controller” functionality for precise dosing of liquids
  • Connection of up to eight end devices or junction box modules, connection of up to 126 CANopen participants
  • Integrated central configuration management for easy device replacement