M-10 Electric Scrap Shaker

The patented M-10 Electric Scrap Shaker Conveyor takes shaker technology to an entirely new level. With simplicity and affordability in mind, this machine is designed to operate without the need for maintenance, air or lubrication. The M-10 features an AC brushless motor and runs from a standard 110V outlet. The M-10 is the first shaker that will leave the factory floor ready to fit virtually all of your press bed T-slot configurations, whether metric or standard. The system runs at a fixed speed (factory preset at the optimal setting). Items that can be tampered with and may slow production, such as buttons, dials or switches, have been eliminated.

  • Quiet
  • Boasts compact footprint
  • No compressed air required
  • Simple on/off power switch/breaker
  • Excellent convey speeds
  • Minimum electricity costs; operates on pennies a day
  • No spare parts required
  • Never needs maintenance
  • Runs on 110V standard three-prong plug


How the M-10 Electric Scrap Shaker Works:

Metal coils feed stamping presses at throughputs of up to 100 parts per minute. After each punch, metal trim falls away through the die, onto a shaker pan mounted underneath. The electric scrap shaker conveyor motor then “shakes” the pan and conveys the trim scrap into a collection bin for recycling or sale.

M-10 Electric Scrap Shaker Options:

  • Custom shaker trays
  • Quick Release Pan Mounting Brackets
  • Wear pad kits