Klean-In-Place II Easy Cleaning Rotary Valve

The Klean-In-Place II rotary airlock valve is specially designed for applications where frequent cleaning, sanitizing, or inspection of the bulk handling system is required and minimum downtime is critical. The convenient advantages of the unit make it an ideal rotary airlock valve for frequent cleaning. Technicians can service the component without having to disassemble or move it, saving time and keeping your equipment online for as long as possible.

The Klean-In-Place II has uniquely designed features making it compliant for FDA, USDA, and NFPA standards for materials used in food, dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications. Our design incorporates a perfectly balanced 2-RAIL construction allowing the operator easy access to either clean the rotor, leaving it attached with the headplate, or separating the rotor to completely remove for optimal cleaning.

How the Cleaning Process Works

This easy-clean airlock valve is designed to make sanitizing as simple as possible. The valve cleaning process on the drive side involves removing the headplate by loosening the wingnuts and sliding it along the dual rails. This provides access to the valve itself while it is still in place.

On the non-drive side, the endplate can be detached in much the same way. After that, you can easily take out the rotor to replace the packing glands. The rotor then slides into place for reassembly. The simplicity of the procedure makes this an excellent rotary airlock valve for sanitizing on a regular basis.


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Klean-In-Place II Easy Cleaning Rotary Valve Features:

Common Service Conditions:

  • Pressure Rating: 15 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 400°F
  • Materials: Dry Free-Flowing Food Grade or Contamination Sensitive Powders

Typical Applications:

Pneumatic Conveying, Blending, Dust Collection, Drying, Weighing, Mixing, Feeding, Packaging or Bagging

Relevant Industries:

Baking Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Food, Pet Food, Powder Coating, Spices, Meat Processing, Chemical

Unmatched Competitive Advantages:

  • Available in five sizes from 6×6 through 16×16
  • Round flange assures system compatibility
  • 316 SS housings are standard providing maximum structural stability
  • Self Aligning Drive without the use of tools
  • Available with multiple packing and seal designs
  • Tool-Free hand fasteners for rotor removal and regular inspections
  • Safety switch signaling when the unit is ready to run
  • Permanently sealed bearings ensure protection from contamination