Kingtron Series ST336 Threaded Ball Valve

Design Features:

  • Forged steel body construction secures Class 2500/6000 psi working pressure rating.
  • LF2 valve body & end caps for low-temperature applications.
  • Special design of extended socket weld end facilitates heat dissipation during welding. No prior disassembly of valve is required, therefore welding installation process is shortened.
  • Use of body O-ring and body joint gasket double secures NO LEAKAGE.
  • Live-loaded packing gland for self-adjustment of stem packing compression.
  • Rugged lockable lever handles for safety and long service life.
  • Body O-rings are placed ahead of the body cap threads, providing a tight seal and protection of threads from flow media.
  • Gland bolts allow for easy packing adjustment without handle removal.
  • Pressure equalizing seats & bottom-loaded blow-out proof stems.
  • Vented ball equalizes pressure between the body cavity and the flow stream to prevent seat damage due to thermal cycling.
  • Full compliance with ASME/ANSI B16.34 & EN12516-1.
  • Socket weld ends comply with ANSI B16.11 & EN 12760.
  • Tested according to API 598

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Ports: Full Port

Body Style: 3-Piece

Size Range: 1/4″–2″

Temperature Range: -20°F – 400°F

Pressure Ratings: 6000 WOG

End Connections: Socket Weld

Body Materials:S336-LF2: ASTM A350, S336-A105: ASTM A105

Seat Materials: Peek

Applications: Ideal for low temperature applications

Flo-Tite’s Standard Part Numbers:

  • S336-SS-DGG-L
  • S336-SS-DGG-L

Kingtron Series ST336 Threaded Ball Valve Downloads: