JTM Series Smart Electric Actuator

The smart electric actuator features a multi-purpose servo amplifier and a position signal transmitter. It can directly receive 4-20mA current control signal or open/close control signal from DCS or other upstream control system. The actuator is provided with a coder as the valve position signal transmitter, where the valve position signal and control signal are compared in the control board chip.

Features & Benefits

  • Relay contact output alarm functions including open position, close position, error, remote state, local state
  • Alarm functions including no signal, no feedback. When there is no signal, it can be set to maintain current position, full open, full close or any other designated positions
  • Field test and function setting of control panel can be done via portable IR remote control
  • Three phase auto phase correction protection function to make sure actuator maintains correct rotating direction
  • Large number of different configurations (supply voltage, thrust, transit time)
  • Easy installation and quick start up
  • Torque-dependent limit switches


  • Input signal: 4-20mA DC, 0-10A DC or on-off control signal
  • Input impedance: 250Ω (4-20mA) or 500Ω (0-10mA)
  • Valve position sensor: 1-5k Ω
  • Valve position transmitter output signal: 4-20mA DC or 0-10mA DC
  • Intrinsic error: <+0.2%
  • Motor locked rotor protection time: 1-25.4s (default 6.4s)
  • Power consumption: <3VA
  • Actuator sensitivity: 0.5%~12.5%