HX Knife Gate Valve for High Pressure Applications

Stafsjö’s high pressure knife gate valves HP, HPT and HX are all strenthened to withstand high bi-directional pressures. They are equipped with through-going “O” port gates and this secure a really safe and reliable shut-off of static and highly concentrated media. This shut-off performance, along with its excellent flow characteristics, makes them suitable for really demanding operating conditions with media as pulp (pulp concentration < 18%), liqour and highly concentrated slurry.

Technical data

Nominal diameter:

DN 200 – DN 800


Stafsjö manufacturing standard

Flange accommodation:

EN 1092 PN 16
EN 1092 PN 20
EN 1092 PN 25
EN 1092 PN 40
EN 1092 PN 50
ASME B16.5 Class 150
ASME B16.5 Class 300

Tightness check:

EN 12266-1:2009 Rate A

Max. Operating pressure:

DN 200 – DN 800, 20 bar



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