HSP Series Main Valves with Integrated Pressure Pilot

The HSP Series Main Valves with integral Pressure Pilot reduces steam pressure in steam system piping mains and process applications. This pilot-operated regulator is specifically used in applications where the properties and benefits of Cast Steel are desired and/or specified. Using steel as the material of construction for the main valve body extends the pressure temperature rating of the regulator. A unique two-bolt pilot adapter design and field-reversible tubing offer even greater versatility to this type of regulator, further reducing maintenance downtime.

These valves share the same design and proven reliability of the Watson McDaniel HD-Series Regulators, providing extremely accurate control of downstream system pressure even when inlet pressure to the regulator fluctuates or steam usage varies.

  • Cast Steel body for higher pressure and temperature ratings
  • New, convenient bolt-on pilot design simplifies installation
  • New diaphragm design improves performance and extends life
  • Hardened stainless steel trim for extended life
  • Optional Stellite trim available
  • Full port strainer and blowdown valve on pilot adapter for ultimate protection from dirt and scale
  • Maintains downstream pressure to ±1.0 PSIG
  • Choice of three overlapping spring ranges
  • Pre-mounted pilot & tubing simplifies installation
  • Many sizes and styles available – Call Apex for More Information

Catalog Specification Sheet



The HSP Series Main Valves with Integrated Pressure Pilot are constructed of Cast Carbon Steel for pressure and temperature ratings when compared to ductile iron. The HSP Pressure Regulator is more accurate than Direct-operated Regulators.

HSP Series Main Valves with Integrated Pressure Pilot  Includes:

  • Pre-Mounted Pressure Pilot (similar to PP&PP5 Series)
  • Full Port Strainer
  • Blowdown Valve on Pilot Adapter

Pilot Mounting
Standard pilot mounting is on the right side of the regulator when looking into the outlet port. For opposite-mounting, specify when ordering. Pilot mounting on HSP regulators are field-reversible.

Pressure Pilot
The spring-adjusted Pilot is used for general purpose pressure reducing applications.