Gel Cap & Capsule Conveying Systems

Engineered for easy handling of gelatin, liquid-filled and split capsules, Gel Cap & Capsule Conveying Systems are furnished as a ready-to-operate system.


  • 316 SS Filterless Vacuum Receiver
  • Vibratory Tray Feeder
  • Level Probe
  • Programmable Controller
  • Vacuum Source
  • Convey Hose
  • Conveying Wand
  • And More!

System eliminates manual scooping of product and messy dumping or mishandling. Material is drawn directly from drums, boxes, storage containers or feedbins.



VAC-U-MAX offers a full range of Vacuum Conveyors for conveying capsules, liquid-filled gel caps, and coated tablets in addition to a full range of powder handing receivers.

  • Conveys up to 2,500 Units per Minute
  • Gently Delivers Products to Capsule Filling Machine or Packaging Lines
  • Does Not Damage or Separate Empty Caps

Vacuum Conveyor is manufactured under GMP guidelines and meets USDA and FDA approved standards. A variety of discharge valve types and finishes are available.