Fugitive Emission Bonnet

Sealing arrangement

  • Secondary HermetiX or High temperature graphite

Any media that might breach the valve stem seal

  • is contained within the device bonnet until valve maintenance can be safely held

The bonnet design allows a sensing device to be fitted

  • between the two sealing arrangements, allow immediate breach identification or alerting

A machined lip on the bonnet bottom plane ensures a safe fit over the valve ISO pad

  • A static seal provides sealing to the atmosphere

Double blowout proof stems

Linear alignment between valve stem, extension and actuator to reduce side load


  • 1/2″-21/2″
  • DN15-DN65
  • CLASS 300 3″-8″
  • DN80-DN200
  • CLASS 300

A device for improved Fugitive Emission prevention from valve stem sealing. The device adds a secondary sealing layer on top of the valve integral stem sealing.