Fluidized Bin Bottom

PEBCO® Fluidized Conveying equipment (commonly referred to as “air slides”) transports materials that can be fluidized by aeration such as cement, fly ash, alumina, etc. PEBCO® air slides are optimal for fluidized transport. Once fluidized, these materials will flow steadily along a decline of approximately 8 degrees but varies depending on the product handled and flow rates required. Material can be transported without the need for mechanical assistance.

PEBCO® offers fluidized bin bottoms and inserts to promote material discharge from the storage vessel and fluidized conveyors for point-to-point transfer. Multiple gate designs to control the material flow are available from manual/maintenance gates to automated gates for remote flow regulation and shut-off. Turn-boxes, diverters, fans, and blowers complete the range of products offered to move your product from storage to a quality PEBCO® loading spout.


The PEBCO® Fluidized Bin Bottom & Insert features a heavy-duty design aimed at evenly distributing air to help promote material flow from bins and silos, and come with inspection ports and optional discharges.

  • Used to aerate the entire bottom of a bin or silo to promote material flow
  • Heavy-duty design based on full hydrostatic load of product based on silo height
  • Multiple air inlets and diffusers distribute air evenly across entire surface
  • Media is fully supported
  • Bottom and/or side discharges available
  • Inspection ports included
  • Inserts are installed on the sloped conical section of a silo to promote material release from the walls and outer annulus of the storage vessel