Fluid Bed Processor with Air-Lift Device

Fluid Bed Processor with Air-Lift Device

Kason’s circular, vibratory fluid bed dryers, coolers and moisturizers are available with an Air-Lift device that allows rapid disassembly, cleaning and inspection of the fluid bed processing chamber.


  • Sanitary standards
  • Clean-in-place (CIP)
  • Explosion proof
  • Plug-and-go

Product Information

The interior of the unit is easily accessed for thorough wash down by loosening one clamp ring assembly that connects top and bottom housing sections, then activating the Air-Lift device to raise the upper section.

Lifting the upper frame/cover assembly of the fluid bed processor pneumatically allows operators to access its interior many times faster, and allows one operator to perform what was previously a two person task, depending on diameter of the unit.

Kason’s self-contained systems are comprised of a circular fluid bed processor, heating/cooling/moisturizing unit, blower and cyclone separator on a single skid. With on-site connections to a power source, bag house and material inlet/outlet, the system is ready to run. At less than half the size and weight of rectangular fluid bed processors of equivalent capacity, the circular fluid bed unit allows all primary system components to be consolidated on a shippable frame for the first time.

Inherent strength of the circular processor eliminates the need for heavy-gauge walls and cross braces otherwise required to withstand continuous vibration, allowing vibratory motors to be downsized. The circular unit also requires only one air inlet and outlet and has fewer weld seams, reducing overall size and construction cost, especially when finished to 3-A, FDA, and BISSC sanitary standards.

The circular fluid bed processing system dries, cools or moisturizes bulk chemicals, minerals, stone products, foods, diary products and pharmaceuticals on a batch or continuous basis, for low-capacity laboratory and pilot plant testing to high volume applications.

The Air-Lift device is available on fluid bed processors in diameters from 18″ to 84″ (460 mm to 2135 mm). Other options are available for de-lumping, agglomerating, scalping or powder coating of bulk materials in conjunction with fluid bed drying, cooling or moisturizing. Rental units equipped with the Air-Lift device are inventoried in 18″ and 24″ (450 mm and 600 mm) diameters for laboratory and pilot plant testing.


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