Flat Bottom Bin Discharger with Internal Agitation Mechanism

Acrison’s Model 170-BD-30 ‘Flat Bottom’ Bin Discharger utilizes mechanically induced internal agitation to promote the discharge of dry solids ingredients from itself and from within the bin or hopper onto which it attaches. The unit features a unique ‘self-emptying’ design, making it ideal for applications where rapid product changeover with minimal downtime is critical. The Model 170-BD-30 is commonly used as the refill mechanism for Acrison ‘Weight-Loss’ Weigh Feeders.


  • Circular, Non-Converging Flat Bottom Housing – contains a horizontally-mounted agitator driven by a constant speed, heavy-duty gearmotor.  The circular sweeping action of the slowly rotating horizontal agitator produces positive product discharge out of the unit’s Discharge Port without compaction, attrition, and/or segregation
  • A Separate Discharge Chute – also located in the flat bottom of the discharger, allows the discharger to be ’emptied quickly’ when the Bin Discharger’s primary Discharge Port is connected to another source
  • All Steel Construction – provides long-term durability with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Designed For Product Cleanout – allows Bin Discharger to empty completely; dead zones are eliminated


  • All product contact surfaces are 304 stainless steel
  • Horizontally mounted agitator driven by a constant speed heavy-duty gearmotor


Flat Bottom Bin Discharger with Internal Agitation Mechanism Options:

  • Various materials of construction
  • Sanitary construction to comply with USDA and FDA codes (certain models)
  • High temperature and pressure construction (certain models)

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