ElectroPermanent Chuck Control Unit

The ElectroPermanent Chuck Control Unit is used as the power supply for MPI ElectroPermanent chucks. The unit sets the holding force for higher accuracy and colder operation. It also controls demagnetization allowing easy unclamping of the workpiece. Each ElectroPermanent Chuck Control Unit is equipped with a safety contact to prevent the machine from starting up if the magnet is not turned on or if a sufficient holding force is not available.

  • Operational safety – the machine cannot be started up at a low holding force
  • Setting of the safe magnetization level
  • Effective demagnetization of the chuck and the workpiece for easy removal
  • Possible control of the chuck via remote controller
  • Possibility to control one or more magnets at the same time (depending on selected unit type)
  • One (1) year warranty


How the ElectroPermanent Chuck Control Unit Works:

The ElectroPermanent Chuck Control Units are designed to magnetize and demagnetize all types of ElectroPermanent magnetic devices depending on its factory settings. The magnetization cycles consist of one or several positive voltage pulses. The demagnetization cycles consist of a specific combination of alternating positive and negative voltage pulses. Note: The work piece material may retain some residual magnetism due to its chemical and magnetic properties.


MPI offers two variations of the Electromagnet Control Units depending upon output voltage.

  • Electromagnet Control Unit 150W
  • Electromagnet Control Unit 630W