Eco-Flow Magnet

Eco-Flow provides true plug and play filtration! System ships complete with magnetic roll, scraper system, fluid tank, inlet port (sized to specifications) and controls. Plugs into a standard 110V outlet. Fluid intake system keeps coolants calm, allowing contaminants to contact the roll at a low velocity for improved magnetic filtration. An on-demand indexing roll design eliminates the need for ineffective plastic squeegees. Eco-Flow’s adjustable blades cause maximum magnet cleaning and coolant recapture.

Integrated magnetic roll never needs replacement! Indexing magnetic roll allows captured swarf to “comb” coolant for magnetic and entrapped nonmagnetic particles. More contaminants are captured and removed from fluids! An automatic coolant level sensor monitors the level of incoming fluid to maximize filtration and avoid coolant overflow.

Roller life is extended up to 10 years! Overflow bypass eliminates potential spills in case of electrical or mechanical failure. Plant stays clean and potential accidents are prevented.

  • High intensity rare earth magnetic material traps contaminants
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Automatic and continuous self-cleaning
  • Runs on standard 110 VAC
  • Custom sizes and configurations available


How the Eco-Flow Magnet Works:

  • The Eco-Flow is a continuous cleaning magnetic separator that removes grinding swarf and other contaminants from coolants. It then deposits them directly into a disposal bin, eliminating the need and costs associated with collecting, transporting and dumping waste materials
  • As swarf is removed, fluids are fed automatically back into the reservoir tank
  • An extremely dry swarf “cake” is produced
  • A drier cake means fewer messy, oily pools around machinery, and improved coolant recovery, reducing consumable costs
  • Magnetic technology is green. It substantially reduces both the need to buy costly consumables and the associated downtime required to change paper filters