DM9900-W Series Segmented Control Valve

  • Excellent modulating control
  • Uni-body construction increases structural integrity and minimizes leaks through body joints
  • Compound V opening provides precise equal percentage flow control with small incremental opening in the lower end of the valve rotation and high flow capacity in the upper end
  • US Patent Number: 8,398,055 B2

Features & Benefits

  • Size range: 1-1/2″ – 8″
  • ISO 5211 direct mount design
  • ANSI Class 600
  • Live loaded packing
  • Protective bearings, top & bottom
  • Easy installation and versatility
  • Standard ISA 75.04 face-to-face; option: ANSI B16.10 short pattern
  • Extremely low actuator torque
  • Reduced trim option
  • Cavitation trim option
  • WCB, 316SS, 317SS and other alloy materials
  • Metal Seated