Compact Pneumatic Actuator

Unique design

  • Pistons with balanced centralized forces of pistons on pinion
    • Double the torque of same sized regular actuator
    • Less wear & tear on moving parts
    • Longer sealing with no maintenance
    • Shorter and smaller pistons with shorter travel distance
    • Compact square shape with minimized footprint
  • Shorter open/close time – allows superior ESD functionality
    • Smaller air consumption
    • Lightweight
  • Four short spring sets – up to three nested springs against each cylinder
    • Selection of springs mix to provide flexible spring torques for the available air supply pressure
    • Spring cartridge option provides higher torque with better characteristics for opening or closing
    • Redundancy in case of spring failure – the other three springs will maintain rotation

Meticulous material, treatment and coating selection

  • Selection of body and moving parts materials to best support long lasting performance
    in harsh, controlled and clean environments
  • Structure and surface treatments of part and special coatings to ensure long lasting safe
    operation in harsh environments
  • Selection of sealing and greasing material to accommodate to low and high temperatures
    and application requirements

Standard interfaces:

  • Designed and tested in accordance with EN 15714-3 – Industrial valves – Actuators – Part 3: Pneumatic part-turn actuators for industrial valves – Basic requirements
  • ISO 5211 Industrial valves – part-turn actuator attachments
  • VDI/VDE 3845 (NAMUR) Industrial process control – pneumatic control valves – interfaces of valves and auxiliary equipment
  • Testing & acceptance criteria: 100% internal & external bubble leak tested.


  • Size Range: C15, C20, C25, C30, C30M, C35, C35M, C45, C45M, C60, C60M, C75, C75M, C90, C90M
  • Pressure Range: 44 – 116 PSI (3 – 8 BAR)

The COMPACT actuator is a quarter-turn rack & pinion pneumatic actuator that doubles the torque of standard pneumatic actuators. The superior performance is achieved by Habonim’s patented four piston design. This design generates torque around a centrally located piston. Then, it translates into double the power for the same size actuator or half the size for the same amount.