Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Item #: MDL2120

You want the vacuum system to integrate with your controls.

You need the vacuum system to have the same uptime and reliability as your machine tool.

You need to focus on finished parts – not maintaining the vacuum.

You need good material handling for the collected debris.

You need appropriate alarm indications from the vacuum to avoid unplanned downtime.

You need good accurate documentation.

And when you need service, it’s readily available.

You need a vendor who will back up their experience with a written Performance Guarantee.

The industrial vacuum system is no longer a “vacuum cleaner”, it’s a critical element in your ability to make a profit.


VAC-U-MAX is a premier manufacturer of Industrial Central Vacuum Systems. No one has more experience than VAC-U-MAX when it comes to applying a vacuum system as an integral part of a vital manufacturing process. Our 50+ years of experience with pneumatic conveying systems shows us that it is much more than connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner to a pick-up point. We need to understand your process. You are producing parts for your company and that is your priority, your livelihood.

Apex Industrial Solutions works with Vac-U-Max to provide you with full central vacuum cleaning systems. We can design and engineer them to work with your process perfectly. And they come backed with the Vac-U-Max guarantee.