Cascade Chute

PEBCO® Loading Spouts are designed with integrated drive systems and are primarily intended to load trucks and railcars, where lower loading rates and shorter travel lengths are required. Spouts can be found in our Dustless Loading Spout (DLS) and Self-Contained DLS (SCDLS) line of products. The DLS comes ready with a port for connection to your existing dust collection system while the SCDLS has integrated dust collection. These Spouts can also be paired with a single or dual axis positioner to allow for misalignment in positioning of the vessel being loaded.

PEBCO® Loading Spouts

Applications for the PEBCO® Telescoping Chute (TC) and PEBCO Cascade Chute® (PCC) include barge and ship loading along with open stock piles. These typically do not require active dust collection systems. The PCC is designed to keep dust emissions to an absolute minimum by utilizing a series of oppositely inclined cones to eliminate free fall. The TC is best suited for preventing wind-generated dust over long vertical drops when loading ships, barges, or creating stockpiles.


The PEBCO Cascade Chute® offers a permanent solution to degradation, segregation, and dust control by removing the ability for materials to freefall. The PEBCO Cascade Chute® can handle material flow rates up to 5000 tons per hour and lengths up to and exceeding 100 feet.

  • Common uses include ship and barge loading as well as stockpiling material
  • The solution to degradation, segregation, and dust control
  • Oppositely inclined cones control material velocity from inlet to outlet, no material freefall
  • Eliminates the need for dust collection at the discharge
  • Typical construction features include:
    • Fiberglass cones with bolted in wear liner
    • Nylon or polyester cone straps
    • All stainless connecting hardware
    • Corrosion resistant construction is ideal for port environments
  • Flow rates of 200-5000 TPH are attainable with most materials
  • Extended lengths to 100 feet and more if needed


  • Outer shroud around the cone stack prevents wind-blow dust in outdoor applications
  • Standard discharge skirt designs minimize dusting at the pile
  • Custom skirt designs for fine powders are exceptionally effective at eliminating dust
  • Remote mount or integral winches include electrically released, mechanically applied brake
  • Load cell system to monitor strap load. Detects overload condition or broken strap
  • Gimbals allow the chute to pivot when used on elevating conveyor booms
  • End of travel, ultimate-up, and slack cable limit switches provide feedback
  • Tilt probe(s) sense material at the chute outlet
  • Plugged chute sensors protect the system
  • Transporter provides easier maintenance access
  • Various cone materials and liners are available for your application
  • Controls