Carbon Steel ANSI 1500 Butt Weld Ends Y Strainer

Y Strainers (or “Wye Strainers”) mechanically remove debris in pipeline with a cylindrical straining element, often called a screen. They can be placed in horizontal or vertical pipelines (downward only) and require regular cleaning of the screen for proper operation.

Features of Titan Y Strainers

  • All Titan Cast Iron and Carbon Steel strainers are epoxy painted providing an increased resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • Hex ends on threaded units allow for quick and easy installation.
  • Finer filtrations are possible with precision machined screen seats in both the body and the cap. This also helps to ensure proper alignment during assembly.
  • Encapsulated gaskets extend the life of the gaskets and aid in preventing a gasket blowout.
  • Large strainer bodies provide a large open area ratio that minimizes pressure drop.
  • Drain/Blow-off plugs are provided at no additional cost on applicable models. Blow-off valves can be installed in-house to enable self-cleaning and reduce maintenance time at the job site.
  • Numerous straining element options are available (perforation, mesh, and material) and Titan can quickly provide replacements when needed.



Body Material: Carbon Steel A216 Gr. WCB

ANSI Class: 1500

End Type: Butt Weld Ends

Long Description: Y Strainer, Carbon Steel, ANSI Class 1500, Butt Weld Ends, Epoxy Painted

Product Links:

Spec Sheet
IOM Manual

Standard Screen:

2″ – 4″ ~ 1/16 Perforation
5″ – 12″ ~ 1/8 Perforation

WOG Rating:

2″ – 12″ ~ 3705 psi @ 100°F