C52 Cryogenic Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Special mechanical design and construction
  • Solid one-piece high torque durable stem.
  • Tight stem-to-ball directional engagement, ensures relief hole alignment.
  • Strict materials and manufacturing tolerances control.
Efficient heat transfer
  • A narrow space between the extension ID and the stem OD allows the stem seal to remain at an ambient temperature.
No-Trap Cavity
  • Relief hole on the upstream sphere of the ball to prevent pressure buildup in the cavity.
  • Single-side or self-pressure-relief sealing for bidirectional full pressure service.
Flexible bonnet installation angle
  • Up to 45° from the vertical axis for the 12” bonnet (per BS6364 guidelines).
  • Up to 15° from the vertical axis for the 6” bonnet (not BS6364 compliant).
Flow direction indicators (for valves with preferred flow direction)
  • Highly visible arrows on body and bonnet top.
  • “T” mark on the stem, showing relief hole direction.
  • Double isolation / double block and bleed designs available upon request
  • Clean assembly and packing


Size Range: 1/2″ – 6″ (DN15 – DN150)

Pressure Range: Class 300

Design Features

  • Top entry Trunnion mounted, manual or actuated
  • Single DPE seat – Fully bidirectional
  • Total HermetiX Integrity package
  • Extended buttweld ends

Extended Hub Optional Kit

  • Extends valve top over the insulation boundary
  • Allows inner parts access and maintenance without dismantling the insulation