BS Series Basket Strainers

Basket strainers are installed into a pipeline system to remove unwanted debris from the pipeline flow. Commonly used in horizontal pipelines where debris loading is high and the collection of solids is required. Straining is accomplished via a perforated or mesh-lined straining element, internal to the basket strainer. The size of the perforation or mesh should be slightly smaller than the smallest debris particle to be removed.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty basket strainer available in carbon steel and stainless steels
  • Ideal for applications with higher temperature and pressure requirements
  • Large body and straining element. Has the ability to store large quantities of debris without affecting pressure loss
  • A variety of straining elements are available including perforations, meshes and materials
  • Custom-designed options that can meet your exact piping requirements


  • Size range: 2″ – 12″
  • Material: Carbon steel or stainless steel