Blower Sound Enclosures

Blower Sound Enclosures

Provides accoustic attenuating enclosures to meet the most demanding needs of industry, taking into account environment, economics and process.


  • Available as an Engineered Solution or for Retro-Fit
  • Optimization of Space
  • Secure Environment for Equipment
  • Easy Access for Maintenance
  • Up to 18 dBa Free Field Noise Attenuation


  • Accoustically Insulated Steel Sound Panels
  • Locking Lift-Off Removable Doors on All Sides
  • Durable Powder Coated Steel Panel Design
  • Convenient Quick Access Inlet Filter Silencer
  • Vented Pressure Relief Valve
  • Integral Guage Panel
  • System Pressure or Vacuum
  • Inlet Filter Restriction
  • Blower Discharge Temperature
  • Power Ventilation of Enclosure
  • Fresh Air Cooling for Motor
  • Common Base with Integral Fork Slots
  • Timely service can be performed with easy access to change oil, air filters and maintain V-Belt drives.


Large variety of blower sound enclosures available.