Batch Weighing Control System

Developed to provide the means for supervising and sequentially controlling up to 20 individual Acrison volumetric feeders batch feeding dry solid ingredients into a common Acrison Model 403B(D) Batch/Dump Weigh Hopper, the Model 740 Batch Weighing Control System is a Microsoft Windows Program that provides all of the necessary control for accurately batch weighing these ingredients, with complete data reporting. The Model 740 Control System software may be used on virtually all vintage 2007 and later Windows PCs running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

For use with Acrison Volumetric Feeders metering into an Acrison Model 403B(D) Batch/Dump Weigh Hopper.

Main Screen

The Main Screen is the primary display screen, providing a view of all the feeders in the batching system. From this user-configured screen, the operator has the ability to:

  • Create a batching sequence
  • Create/save/load unlimited batch recipes
  • Run/stop/pause/abort the batch sequence
  • Access other system and controller functions

Icons provide important operational data such as batch weight selection, batch weight, volumetric feeder motor speed, motor current, system batch status and others.

Configure Screen

The Configure Screen allows the operator to define such parameters as feeder ID, feeder fast and dribble speeds, scale parameters, host communications, and to print batch reports.

Batch/Dump Weigh Hopper – Utilities

The Batch/Dump Weigh Hopper – Utilities Screen displays the status of Acrison’s Model 403B(D) Batch/Dump Weigh Hopper.

Alarm Event and Log Screens

The Alarm Event and Log Screens provide a comprehensive record of the alarm and sequence events encountered by the Model 740 System feeders. Each alarm and sequence event is described in a single line along with the date and time of the occurrence and the identity of the feeder. System log on and log off is also recorded, as is the starting and stopping of a batching application itself.

Alarms in the log appear in red and messages in yellow to permit quick identification. The log may be saved and/or printed and may be set-up to automatically save to a special location at a selected interval.

Password Protection

Up to 10 passwords may be defined in the Model 740 Operating Program. Three levels of access are provided as follows:

  • Monitor – When the Model 740 Batching System is first started, or when an operator logs-off, the system is in the monitor mode. In this mode, the operator may only view screens and cannot change set points or activate any commands or functions.
  • User – This mode requires a password to be entered and limits functions and access to those features that an operator would typically require. System recipes, for example, may be loaded but cannot be created.
  • System – This password-protected mode permits full access to all functions and features.


Batch Weighing Control System Hardware Requirements:

The Model 740 program may be run on a Microsoft Windows desktop, laptop, or on a wall-mounted PC. Acrison recommends minimum hardware for best overall performance.

  • OS – MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor – Pentium class, 900 MHZ minimum
  • Memory (RAM) – 512 MB

Other Considerations

  • For optimum performance when operating the Control System, Acrison recommends that it be run as a dedicated application.
  • The  System supports keyboard-less PC’s by providing a selectable virtual keyboard function.
  • The operating and instruction manual for the Model 740 System is provided on a single CD ROM

The Model 740 Batch Weighing Control System is licensed for installation on a single PC