Automag Magnet

The patented Automag unit is the latest generation of self-purging high-intensity magnetic filters for high flow, high contamination industrial applications.

  • Double magnetic length
  • High collection capacity
  • Removes micron-sized contamination
  • Self-purging
  • Rare earth high-intensity magnetic material
  • Compact
  • No maintenance


How the Automag Magnet Works:

The Automag has two flow chambers. Fluid enters the inlet chamber where primary filtration takes place. The partly treated fluid flows into a second chamber where it is slowed down so that the final filtration treatment can take place. It then returns to the process. Installing Automag will improve your manufacturing effectiveness and reduce operator intervention. Using fully filtered fluid, free from micron sized particles will:

  • Improve surface finish
  • Extend tool/wheel life
  • Improve fluid flow
  • Cut costs on scrap reduction
  • Reduce downtime

All applications, which use pumped cutting fluids will benefit from using this equipment.

Automag Magnet Options:

  • Simple timer control box
  • Purge valve arrangement
  • Super high flow rate systems
  • Pre-programmed PLC controls
  • Complete mounting skid arrangement
  • Purge fluid collection tank and reclaim system