ATT 2250 Smart Temperature Transmitter

The ATT 2250 series head mount type transmitter is the HART communications protocol. The standard HART universal and common usage commands are implemented, with other device-specific commands that enable access to the enhanced performance parameters of the ATT 2250 series.


  • Type: Head Mounted Type Temperature Transmitter
  • Certificate: ATEX Ex ia Intrinsic Safety
  • Feature: 4 to 20mA, HART, Loop Powered
  • Input: RTD input: a=0.00385 : KS, JIS, DIN, IEC, a=0.00391 : US.
  • Thermocouple input: KSC 1602-1982, JISC 1602-1981, ANSI MC96.1-1982 Millivolt


  • Sensor Referencing
  • Custom Linearisation
  • Sensor Burn Out Detection
  • User Calibration
  • Output Current Preset