APT 3700N Smart Pressure Transmitter

The APT 3700N Smart Pressure Transmitter is a microprocessor-based high-performance transmitter, which has flexible pressure calibration and output, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variable, the configuration of various parameters, communication with HART protocol. The application is very various, as measuring pressure, flow, and level by the application method. All data of the sensor is to be input, modified and stored in EEPROM.


  • Flexible Sensor Input: DP, GP, AP, Vacuum
  • Various Output : 4 ~20mA , Digital Signals
  • Setting Various Parameters: Zero/Span, Trim, Unit, Fail-mode, etc.
  • Self Diagnostic Function: Sensor, Memory A/D Converter, Power, etc.
  • Digital Communication with HART protocol
  • Explosion-proof Approval KOSHA
  • Qualified per IEEE Std 344-1987/2004 and IEEE Std 323-1983/2003, NRC Regulatory Guide 1.180 (Rev.1)


  • High Reference Accuracy: ±0.075% of Calibrated Span
  • Long-Term Stability: ± 0.25% URL per 24 months
  • High Rangeability (100: 1)
  • Data Configuration with HART Configurator
  • Zero Point Adjustment
  • Continuous Self-Diagnostic Function
  • Automatic Ambient Temperature Compensation
  • Fail-mode Process Function
  • EEPROM Write Protection
  • Equipment Qualifications
  • Environmental Qualification
  • Seismic Qualification and EMI / RFI Test