Aluminum Backdraft Damper


Aluminum Backdraft Damper Standard Materials and Construction

  • FRAME: .081″ thk. (nominal) extruded aluminum, 6063-T52/T6 alloy, 1⁹⁄16″ x 2″ x ⅜” flanged frame on all sides.
  • BLADES: Extruded aluminum, 6063-T6/T52 alloy, .081″ thk. Designed for strength and low leakage with overlapping edges.
  • AXLES: ½” dia. extruded aluminum, pin-lock design.
  • SEALS: Silicone rubber off-set leg at blade edges. None at jambs.
  • BEARING: Celcon bearing material so that there will be no metal to metal friction.
  • LINKAGE: Face mounted in the airstream.
  • DAMPER FACE: Full jamb section with blades, head and sill contained in jambs.
  • TEMP. LIMITS: -40°F to 190°F.
  • FINISH: Factory mill.