ALT 6100 Smart GWR Level Transmitter

The ALT-6100 is a time domain reflectometer (TDR) configured for level sensing. It measures the round-trip time for a pulse to propagate along a transmission.


Type: Contact Type Level Transmitter
Feature: Rod, Coaxial, Cable
Range: 0.15 to 20m
Technology: Time Domain Reflectometry(TDR) by Guided Wave Radar
Applicable condition: Low Viscosity, Less Emulsion or Foam
Point Feature: Liquid Application


  • High precision of +/- 3mm.
  • Materials of a very low dielectric constant of 1.4 such as butane and LNG are measurable.
  • Usable in both Liquid and Solid.
  • Effects of dust, vapor, and turbulence are minimized.
  • Because the signal is guided, this is not affected by disturbance and Tank Structure.
  • Easy Calibration and Maintenance.
  • This is a direct measurement method of Top-down, and not affected by the state change of process ( density, conductivity, temperature, pressure, humidity etc.).