AI 100 Smart Field Indicator

Autrol Field Indicator, Model AI-100, is an Indicator for converting and displaying received 4 to 20 mA current input to setting range. The Indicator is available to indicate 5 digit numbers, 6 digit letters and 4 type special symbols on LCD. It has main functions such as Displaying 4 to 20mA current, Easy Configuration, Changing Square Root function and User Define Units.


  • Type: Smart Field Indicator with Unit Selectable
  • Certificate: Ex d KCs, IP67
  • Advantage: Remote Monitoring with 4~20mA input. Changeable & configurable the device with External buttons.
  • Application: Remote monitoring for Level device


  • Intuitive & Logical Interface
  • 4 ~ 20mA Loop Power
  • LCD Display
  • Low Voltage Drop
  • User Interface (2 Button)
  • Flexible Wide Range. (-99999 to 99999)
  • Easy Calibration
  • User Define Units, Modified Various Units